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श्रीमान योगी
Author: रणजित देसाई
Publisher: मेहता प्रकाशन
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"श्रीपायाशी जडलेली नजर सुटू नये याचसाठी राजांचे जोडे उराशी कवटाळून श्रीमंत सकल-सौभाग्य-संपन्न पुतळाबाई राणीसाहेब सती गेल्या. त्यांची आठवण म्हणून ही चरितकहाणी."
-- रणजित देसाई

"निश्चयाचा महामेरू|
बहुत जनांसी आधारू|
अखंड स्थितीचा निर्धारू|
श्रीमंत योगी|ऽ"
-- श्रीसमर्थ रामदासस्वामी

Reader Comments:

Rhushikesh Desai writes on Thu Nov 13 21:07:40 2014:
Book chan ahe.....bharpur kahi shikayla bhetala..

SWAH PALANDE writes on Thu Oct 30 00:10:56 2014:

SWAH PALANDE writes on Thu Oct 30 00:03:25 2014:

Pravin Kadam writes on Wed Sep 17 04:45:24 2014:
Shreeman Yogi pustakane barach kahi shikavale mala.

NATH MAHADIK writes on Fri Sep 12 23:33:39 2014:

Sonia writes on Thu Aug 21 02:28:16 2014:
I have read Raja Shiv Chatrapati and loved it. But one of my frnd has insisted dat I read this too. After reading all des comments I am more than eager and shall order the book right away. Thank u all

dushyant writes on Thu May 1 05:08:31 2014:
Marathi sahityatil ek anmol theva sarvani vachavi ashi kadambari.

Mahendra writes on Fri Apr 25 22:59:47 2014:
Khupch chan. Pratyekane ekda tari wachaw ase pustak. Shivaji maharaj he mahan hote he saglyana ch mahit ahe, pan te ka mahan hote te he pustak wachal ki samajt …

Abhijeet writes on Thu Mar 20 02:57:26 2014:
Excellent History of Extraordinary person described very well. One gets into it when we start reading the book. We can feel the narration !

Rajesh Kunte writes on Wed Mar 19 09:26:32 2014:
I am reading this book since 2005. I have 2 sets of books with me. It is thrilling to read the book. I read the book so many times that even i can not count. There are 3 lead characters in whole book. 1. Jijamata @. Dadoji Konddev & 3. Shivaji Maharaj. For me the character of Moropant is also equally important. I feel very fortunate to be able to read this book in my life.

pridarshy ashoka writes on Mon Mar 3 18:47:15 2014:
i have read this book carefully. This book is very useful for students teachers and scholar who interest in shivaji maharaj ashoka t.u agartala

Gajanan Lokhande writes on Fri Feb 14 21:59:56 2014:
Khup chan aahe

pawar priyanka machindra writes on Wed Jan 29 23:37:52 2014:
nice book,so very nice history for maharastra. that gives after so many days things will be good.

Umesh writes on Fri Jan 10 04:25:39 2014:
Very good Novel.

Laxman Sondwalkar writes on Wed Jul 12 11:51:50 2006:
This is regarding a comment by Mr Bivalkar on this site - >>> Especially when so called Shivaji Charitrakar like Babasaheb Purandare make the childish descriptions of all his life stories and morals and add his own comments unncessary throughout the book "Raja Shivchhtrapati" <<<<< Actually Babasaheb Purandare's biggest crime is not his writing but his surname, 'Purandare', if instead his name was Babasaheb Gaikwad or Babasaheb Jadhav, then his work would have been praised to the skies even when actually it would have been a work of ineptitude and absolute shoddiness

Anand D. More writes on Wed Jun 7 05:49:03 2006:
आयुषयात येऊन एकदा तरी वाचावॆ असॆ पूऱतक

Laxman sodanwar writes on Sat Apr 1 07:48:51 2006:
i dont have words to express this wonder about shivaji maharaj amchya rajyancha ha sanman pahun manachya kuthlya tari kopryatun aapan mavle aslyacha aavaz yeto-really thanks to all team behind creation of this book.

Laxman sodanwar writes on Sat Apr 1 07:45:03 2006:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments".

Balasaheb Purandare writes on Tue Feb 28 18:06:59 2006:
Hello Koni Tari yha pustakache Audio version ka nahi kaadat ? We are seeing so much controversy about Brahmin Marathi historians like Purandare and people are questioning their authencity. Why can't some of this Virodhis come togheter and create an audio version of non brahmin historian like Ranjit Desai and popularise this book.

Sandeep C. Shinde writes on Fri Feb 24 02:46:31 2006:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments". Atishay Sundar,he shabdcha apure padtil. Shivaji Maharaj dolyansamor ube thaktat. Kuthe tri mavlyanmadhe aapanhi ube aahot aani to itihas dolyasamor ghadt aahe ase anubhavle.

Annonymous writes on Wed Feb 22 15:42:22 2006:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments".

Gaurav Hombali writes on Sun Dec 25 06:35:41 2005:
SHREEMAAN YOGI according to me is not just a book giving information bout Shivaji maharaj but its more like a guide to anybody to rediscover & develop oneself !!!!!!! HATS OFF TO YOU Mr. RANJIT DESAI FOR GIVING THIS DIAMOND TO ALL THE READERS

tausif writes on Wed Dec 14 03:23:54 2005:
"shremanyogi" the best book on shivaji maharaj itsssssssssssssssss very good

Aadesh writes on Tue Dec 6 03:33:59 2005:
This is the link for the Indian translation - Enjoy !!!

rishi writes on Tue Dec 6 03:26:05 2005:
Hi Is this book available in English ? If anyone has information please email me ....

vinay writes on Sun Nov 20 02:12:59 2005:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments".

Nilesh Sakpal writes on Sun Sep 25 03:46:24 2005:
It was a lively maratha kingdom in front of me when I was travelling thorugh pages of this great KADAMBARI. The only thing that remained ananswered while reading this book is that nowhere Mr. RANJIT DESAI had mentioned the dates of the incidents, I understand its just because to avaoid controversy, to that extent its right thing but a good reader or RASIK will always expect the full information. Its long research that has been done, though its difficult to have exact date but a range or approximate dates will make this novel more lively. It is just a suggestion which left in my mind while reading. No doubt we all are thankful to Mr. Desai for writing this.

santosh chikhalikar writes on Fri Jul 8 04:37:53 2005:
I have read many books, amongst which SHRIMAN YOGI was the most sensitive and inspiring novel I found. It brings the change in your vision perspective, and attitude.Has any body visited the region of shayadri and mahabaleshwar, I hope many of you might.If yes, I would suggest that one should read this novel and again should visit to any of the places and just fell the difference in you vision towards the beauty of nature. In all I just wanted to say the novel is so marvellous that it will fill colours in your vision to see this world more colourful. Another importance of this novel is it as good as GEETA because it will teach you and guide you many things which are essential for a person to stand firm in storms, lead and grow great in your life with ethics and morals. Any way there are many thing which i want the reader to enjoy with the reading of the novel Jai Maharashtra

Chandrakant Ghanekar writes on Mon Jun 27 02:08:39 2005:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments". My Best Favourite book in my Life

Vijay writes on Sun May 29 22:33:29 2005:
The author has taken great efforts to write this great epic.I think Ranjit Desai is one of the best kadambarikaar.I have read this book twice.Undoubtedly Shivaji Raje was a Yugpurush.The language used in the book is simple and easy to understand.Some of the incidents are written in such a great way that it takes you in the scene.Even after completion of four decades the book is one of best in the marathi lit.

Pravin writes on Mon May 2 21:51:09 2005:
This book is too good to describe in words. The flow of the language is griping. One gets involved as if it were really happening in front of ones eyes. Ranjit Desai has created a classic of it.

Aniket writes on Thu Apr 21 11:08:17 2005:
Took my breath away.....kept on wondering only if maharaj would have lived a little longer.....a matchless commander,survivour.... I remember me n my frndz talkin endlessly about maharaj after reading this book.....feel proud to be maharashtrian....HATS OFF to Ranjit Desai.

Piyush Pandya writes on Wed Apr 13 02:15:04 2005:
respected sir, i am 23 years old boy. from last one month iam attracting toward shivaji's character i dont know why but let me tell u i m intresting in buying your book but i have question that: i want full life story of shivaji which includes following points: 1] childhood of shivaji. 2] teenage of shivaji. 3] shivaji when young. 4] his fights against mugal. 5] love of jija mata. 6] shivaji's love towards his guru swami ramdash. 7] shivaji' way of life 8] shivaji's understanding towards his life sir in short everything regarding shivaji. sir can you please tell whether your book includes above everything and more then that because i want to purchae your book 'shriman yogi' and also give an address from which i can purchase this book. i am egarly waiting for your replay because i am very curiouse regading shivaji so please mail me soon. rgds, piyush

Pankaj Samel writes on Tue Mar 29 07:28:46 2005:
I have read both books i.e. Raja Shivchhatrapati by Babasaheb Purandare and Shriman Yougi by Ranjit Desai. Both this are books are on their own height. So, you can not compare the same. language of this book is simple and very heart touching, At the same, babasaheb purandare talkes about pre-shiviji era also and Shirman yogi directly starts talking from shivaji's birth. No evidence found regarding some incidents mention about Shivaji maharaj in their early childhood. Rest book is fine.

Nikhil Bapat writes on Wed Mar 9 22:16:06 2005:
Mind Blowing! You would just love this book. A story based on hard facts about Shivaji, is sure to create interest, love, and respect for the legend. I have already read it thrice and would be reading it many more times in life. Nikhil Bapat

Manoj S. Joshi writes on Wed Dec 22 00:02:02 2004:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments". Thsi is a wounderful writing which redefines live of Maharaj. All marathi speaking community should read this novel to understand heroic deeds of The Great Maharaj.

Mugdha Muley writes on Sun Aug 22 14:10:49 2004:
I read he book twice and each time it left me speechless. I felt as though , I was living in that period of time. The book describes the period aptly and takes us into the life of Great Maratha King.This is must read book..

Kshitij writes on Wed Aug 18 12:20:52 2004:
I read this book when I was a kid as an account of the great Maratha King and I was starstruck with the greatness of Shivaji. Then I read it again as a teenager and in college. This book is not just a historical account of the life of Shivaji like many other books. Ranjeet Desai wrote this book as if he lived with Shivaji. He portrayed him as a human first, a brave soldier, a just king second. He described also a hurting father, a grieving husband and loving son. The language makes you feel closer to Shivajiraje as a person than observe him as a king from a distance. I have always been a big fan of Ranjeet Desai. This book is one of his best books. I highly reccommend this book for anyone who wishes to read about the greatest Maratha king, Shivaji.

Sunil Dingankar writes on Wed Apr 21 07:27:58 2004:
I read Srimanyogi at a stretch. You cannot just stop reading once you start. In todays India what we see in politics. Every politician or the person who want to become a leader should read it. I felt so much proud to be born in Maharashtra.

Nandini Joshi writes on Sun Jul 20 21:40:26 2003:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments". I am interested in translation of Shrimaam Yogi in English by Dr.V.D.Kataambale and published by Balvant Printers Pune. Can u guide me where this book will be available? Nandini Joshi

Sandeep writes on Sat Apr 5 06:16:13 2003:
Too Good !!!!! Too Good !!!!! Too Good !!!!!

Prashant Bivalkar writes on Wed Oct 31 03:44:54 2001:
After reading this book, I just can't explain what i feel. But it was feeling of pride to be in maharashtra. I have read many books on Maharaj but the way Ranjith Desai has written the each incident was like I was the part of his Mavlas. Especially when so called Shivaji Charitrakar like Babasaheb Purandare make the childish descriptions of all his life stories and morals and add his own comments unncessary throughout the book "Raja Shivchhtrapati" , Ranjith Desai has done a great job. One incident i'll not forget in my life. I was reading this book in a local train and I was reading the incident of Bajiprabhu Deshpande.As I ended the paragraph, my eyes were full of tears and people were watching at me but I couldn't stop those imotions. It's a one of the wonderful experinces I had ever experienced in my life. Overall great Book. Must read by every Indian.

Tapan Kulkarni writes on Tue Mar 26 21:15:32 2002:
Sreemanyogi is the most engrossing,contemporary,magnificent emotional saga of Chattrapati Shivaji ,written with utmost sensitivity by Ranjit Desai.The life and times of Shivaji Maharaj have been aptly described.The book takes you to a spectrum of emotions and a ride that keeps you asking for more. No other historical book in Marathi can come close to Sreemanyogi in its language,sensitivity,portrayal of Shivaji Maharaj. Not even Swami!!!

umesh writes on Wed Jan 31 08:23:07 2001:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments". Now days i read this book. the novel is so good.Ranjit Desai is a very good writer. umesh

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