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Author: शिवाजी सावंत
Publisher: कॉंटिनेंटल प्रकाशन
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कर्णाच्या दानशूरत्वाला तोड नाही हेच खरं! 'मृत्युंजय' एवढी अमाप लोकप्रियता कुठल्याही मराठी कादंबरीकाराच्या पहिल्याच कादंबरीला लाभलेली नाही.

Loksatta Editorial
Reader Comments:

dipali manoj bhosale writes on Fri Nov 7 03:34:05 2014:
hi cambari me b. com part 1 la astani vachali hoti hi far chhan ahe mala far avadali ti me 2 vela vachali tya made ji bhasha rachna far chagali ahe ani puranatle far vyatimahatv dhup chan paddatini madalya ahe ani amala puranatil far mahiti ya madane milali ahe maj manavar tyach far prabhav padala maja mitrala hi kadambari far avadali ami hi sobhat vachali hoti

Ratiam Dasharath Chaudhari writes on Mon Oct 6 19:35:47 2014:
Mi hi kadmbari sat vela vachali.hi kadmbari mala khup khup aavadate.ya kadmbaricha mazyavar etaka prabhav padala ki mi mazya mulache navach MRUTYUNJAY thevale ahe.yat KARNACHE patra kharach manala bhedun jate.

Anand writes on Sat Sep 13 19:07:05 2014:
It didn't stop me commenting on reviews posted by those who have read the book "MRUTYUNJAY", i know it gives a lot inspiration to live life. Even i was so desperate to read this book but after reading the book "KARN KHARA KON HOTA" written by Da.Ji.Panashikar i dont wish to read it anyway.

Vinayak Phalke writes on Wed Sep 3 13:11:49 2014:
Speechless kadambari no word just hats off

mahesh kengare writes on Tue Aug 5 05:29:27 2014:
This book touched my heart so deeply... pratekane he book vacha tumhala jivan kasa jagaychaa, he kalel.....!!!

shivraj writes on Sat Jul 26 04:19:06 2014:
karn.ayushhat kiti sankate yeu shakatat aani apli manse jawal asun sudda apli nasatat tyaveli niyatila wakaun ladhalela sacchhyyaa yodha.....

haresh gondal writes on Thu Jul 3 00:07:50 2014:
mala hi kadambri khup avdali mritunjay hi kadmbari m 7vela vachli

Amit Paygude writes on Sat May 24 02:58:43 2014:
kitihi vela vachali tari kantala yet nahi....

VISHAL DHAMALE writes on Wed May 7 05:48:15 2014:

VISHAL CHAUDHARI writes on Wed Apr 16 04:12:58 2014:
The best book i have ever read...

Phulsundar priyanka writes on Wed Mar 26 03:58:31 2014:
jyla kunala watat ki world madhe aapan ektech dukhi aahot tyani he book wachav & swatamadhe changes pahawet. i like this book.

Nanasaheb Patil writes on Mon Mar 3 04:21:23 2014:
Mrutunjay vachalyanantar dan ,jaganyachi,sangharsh,maitrichi,niswarth panachi janiv rahate va jivankade pahanyacha apala view badalyashivay rahat nahi............pan ek nakki KUNTI WA KRUSHNA BADHALCHA ANDAR VADATO

vishwas kale writes on Mon Feb 10 04:49:46 2014:
every bady can think about our own life that how many valu of our life? Then l will show you one amesing book which will show you that __you are equal(#) to nothing

Gurunath Patil writes on Fri Jan 10 02:08:36 2014:
कर्णाच्या दानशूरत्वाला तोड नाही हेच खरं! 'मृत्युंजय' एवढी अमाप लोकप्रियता कुठल्याही मराठी कादंबरीकाराच्या पहिल्याच कादंबरीला लाभलेली नाही. he mala samajale khupach zhal saglyani vacha hi kadambari

Gurunath Patil writes on Fri Jan 10 02:06:03 2014:
Mrutunjay kadambari hi ek adarshawadi hindu story tya kadambari madhun khup kahi ghenyasarakhe ahe te mala milale

sunder writes on Wed Jan 8 21:49:28 2014:
faar chan kadhambari ahe

bahadur Goltekar writes on Thu Nov 28 02:35:23 2013:
best i have ever read

Himmat Jadhav writes on Thu Jul 27 03:15:35 2006:
The best book ever I read, total 7 times I have read \x91Mrutunjaya\x92 but every time I feel I am reading it first time. Everyone should read at least one in life. -Himmat

abhijit chandrakant kekane writes on Sat Jul 22 05:38:18 2006:
today on 22 july 2006 ihave compleated reading this book. SHIVAJI SAVANT IS EXCELLENT . this is greater than any other book in the world . increadible book and karn no dansur ,digvijayi karn .I HAVE READ IT CONTINUOSELY 3 DAYS . it is exceptional book .EVERY ONE SHOULD READ IT I AM QUITE SURE THAT YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR TIME YOU WILL GATE LOT FROM IT . ITHINK EVERY SCHOOL CHILD SHOULD GIVE THIS BOOK . you should make this book centuries great book . TROW HARRY POTTERS ,THE DA VINCHI CODE AND SAME RUBBISH BOOK AND READ THIS BOOK YOU WILL GET PROUD OF THE GREAT KARN and our colture .WHO IS READING THIS MY COMMENT SHOUID TRY TO spread our hinduism culture .YOU ALSO REAFD BOOK BY P .N .OAK (BHARATIY SANSHODHAKANCYA CHUKA) YOU WILL GET TO KNOWwhat is knot knowing you should MUST read this two books.MRITUINJAY IS REALLY GREAT BOOK THIS IS ONLY ONE BOOK WHICH MADE ME TO CRY AT END OF THIS BOOK ,when danshur karn dies still he give his golden teeth to panditreally .you should must must read this book please NOPT FOR ME BUT FOR YOU MAKE HINDU PROUD IN THIS WORLD THANK YOU.

SAGAR SAWANT writes on Mon Jul 10 03:36:47 2006:
Mrutunjay kadambari, hi ek kandambari nasun ti ek adarshwadi etihas ahe, jo pratykala adarshwad tharel asa ahe.

shreeganesh vidyasagar writes on Thu Jul 6 21:34:53 2006:
No other marathi books compares to "Mrutunjay".auther Shivaji Sawant has been automatically guided to you thruogh reading.

shreeganesh vidyasagar writes on Thu Jul 6 21:29:35 2006:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments".

dhananjay shinde writes on Mon Jun 19 07:24:14 2006:
I would like to say these few words"No one like karna in this world B'coz no one can sacrifice this type of things.And shivaji sawant also brought a good literature for us i like his way of what he wrote, I really cried when i read this book,I recommend to all of u read this a great story of danveer.

dhananjay writes on Mon Jun 19 07:22:13 2006:
I would like to say these few words"No one like karna in this world B'coz no one can sacrifice this type of things.And shivaji sawant also brought a good literature for us i like his way of what he wrote, I really cried when i read this book,I recommend to all of u read this a great story of danveer.

DEEPAK SADALKAR writes on Mon May 29 05:05:02 2006:
I was living with my sisters in childhood and my papa was in army . This book taught me to Live. In my body, speech, Act, Mind, Thoughts, Sight everywhere it reflects. THE GREAT BOOK. SARVANi Vacha.!

DEEPAK SADALKAR writes on Mon May 29 05:00:43 2006:
I was living with my sisters in childhood and my papa was in army . This book taught me Live. In my body, speech, Act, Mind, Thoughts, Sight everywhere it reflects. THE GREAT BOOK. SARVANi Vacha.!

CHHAYA writes on Sat May 20 02:36:30 2006:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments". mi hi kadambari donda vachali ani sarakhi vachavishi vatate. its great

Madhav Patil writes on Thu May 11 14:03:15 2006:
Is this book available in english too? If yes please let me know Thanks, Madhav

Sarang writes on Wed May 3 07:26:51 2006:
Shivaji Sawant's Mrutunjaya...a classic marathi literary piece... As i started going thruogh this book.... many thoughts kept flooding my mind, as from childhood only, we all had heard great stories about Suryaputra,Danshur,Sarvashrestha Dhanurdhar Karna... Shivaji Sawant in this literary classic has gone far beyond present authors in vividly putting the whole life of Karna in front of us... the best thing i liked about this book is the way author puts himself in the shoes of Karna,Kunti,Shona,Duryodhana,Shrikrishna,Vrushali and tells the whole life-story of Karna with many anecdotes in First Person Singular... How lucidly he coveys the feelings of all characters whom he had used as the first person....while reading, our mind races through the thoughts of Karna,Kunti,Duryodhana,Shona,Vrushali,Shrikrishna....about the vagaries that each one has faced through their everyone speaks about Danveer,Mahaparakrami Karna... his struggles,sorrows and his undisputed practice for perfection in all arts of war... Who so ever reads this book is going to read this book again and again and again.... this captivating,inspirational book captures all experiences of each struggling individal and that makes it 'All in one book' .... As it occurs to every person reading this book, this is a truely great book with captivating personifications and the chain of thoughts that goes on racing through our mind visualising every moment of epic Mahabharta... As said in the review comments over here .... After Vyas, lineage of epic writers includes the Shivaji Sawant for his masterpiece ...Mrutunjaya Undoubtedly this is the best book i had ever read... Hats off... to Shivaji Sawant and his classic literary masterpiece... Mrutunjaya!

abhisheksingh writes on Sun Apr 23 02:57:17 2006:
this book covers all the real characters having grt feelings & thoughts towards there mutual & social responsibilities. thisbook touched my heart so deeply... each & every word is clean and having power to create images in mind.the details of that time world is mind blowing. specially kunti, shon, vrushali & lord krishna characters give full impact on story. hi kadambari vyaktimatva ghadavoo Kinva badlavu shakte...

Ravindrakumar Kshirsagar writes on Mon Mar 27 20:24:07 2006:
Let me take few deep breaths before I could wrire anything. Being an ordinary person I hardly have to write about this work. I pay my homage to Shivaji Sawant by prefixing no article to him or his work, as doing so will be an misjudjement for his literary work, I feel. Mritninjay is Mritninjay. He was Maharashi Vyas who wrote the epic Mahabharata and it seems Shivaji Sawant is someone from his lineage who took his time on this earth to recah out as many people like me to show them the real light of life in terms of serenity and divinity. Bravo for this soul. This book is a great lesson of life . For the first time I felt shivering all over my body. It was the awakening of my soul. By the time I am writting this comment, I have finished the book twice and the insataible thirst is still growing. What shall I say more, I am feeling that something lost from a long time has come back to me... yes it is that own voice of soul which is calling me to live a life on tha path of Karma. The only sentence from this novel ringing in ny ears is a small conversation between Karna and Ashwaththama "Tuza janma kruti sathi ahe" Yes this is my lesson my birth is for action. I wish this instinct lead me to the path of karma. Jayatu Karna.

Abhijit writes on Wed Mar 15 02:25:32 2006:
Koni jar Jeevanat nirash asel tar tyane hi kadambari wachavi. jeevan vishyak tatvadyan ethe tyala sapdelach..... pan sapadel tyala navi umed, jeevanakade ek samrangan drishtikonatun pahayala shikavel he pustak... If somebody want to discuss about this book he can mail will be my pleasure to discuss about this grate book with them.. we can share our views on messanger..

jaisingh Bgagwan Walunj writes on Sat Mar 11 06:58:42 2006:

Charuhas Zanpure writes on Mon Mar 6 21:27:52 2006:
This is the best Marathi novel I have read.In fact the best book I have read other than "The Fountainhead" by Ann Ryand.I have read this book so many times,so many of its chapters time and again..It will take you to a different world ...once I commence a chapter of this book I just lose track of time. It is so vividly written that it is as if things happen before your eyes..Karna - his childhood days, how everybody scorns him as charioteer's son,his prowress, kunti, vrushali feelings for him and sadly his tragic treacherous death.. The best part is the conflicts that occur in Karna's mind and his decisions...One stands up and says..Hail you Karna ..there will never be anybody like you in this world..I cry a lot everytime I read this book..this book has been my inspiration in life..everytime I am down, I turn to this book for motivation..It teaches you the ways of the world.....what all people can do to impede you, but if you can gauge everything and remain true to yourself ,nothng else matters...Karna knows each and every sly measures that even Krishna adopts but he remains true to his mind at every step in this life.....Shivaji Sawant has done a memorable service to the entire world by writing such a masterpiece...

Sandeep C. Shinde writes on Fri Feb 24 02:54:27 2006:
Sundar mhanala tari shabdcha apure padtil

Kishore Gilbile writes on Sat Jan 21 03:24:49 2006:
It's one of the best novels in the world. No doubt, Mahabharata is great but I think Karna is greatest. Late Mr. Shivaji Sawant had carved his life in such a great style that nobody who has read, will forget it. Every Maharashtrian must read this great novel at least once in his/her life. Hats of to such a great warrior & such a greta writer. Kishore Gilbile A/P- Watangi, Tal- Ajara Dist- Kolhapur, 416504.

dhiraj kothari writes on Tue Jan 3 04:09:12 2006:
i can only say that its the 1 of the best books i ever readb best work by late shivaji savant thanks for giving us such a great book.

pallavitmb writes on Sat Nov 19 00:21:26 2005:

anuradha writes on Tue Aug 2 10:48:31 2005:
the great book i hv ever read. the most favourit i hd cried when karna died everyone should read it once in alife someone who will read it that persons thoughts will be changed immediately he will start thinking very deep of everything

vikrant writes on Tue Jul 5 03:37:27 2005:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "As per writting of this book is excellent but still one thing is that not acceptable is that "karna is the more great than "arjuna".

Sagar N.Sawant. writes on Mon Jun 6 22:44:28 2005:
'Mrityunjay'he ek khupaaach sundar pustak aahe.Tyachi tulana kontyahi etar pustakashi hon ashakyach.Eka emotional manala ankhi emotional banawnara pustak.Pustak wachtana asa watatach nahi ki apan pustak wachatoy tar as watat ki karna aplyashi boltoy.... tyane anubhawlela pratyeek kshaan to aplyashi share kartoy. He pustak wachalyanantar Ashwatthaamyachya wicharanchi manas wilakshan odh lagte.Tyane sangitalel tatwadnyan wachalyanantar man agdi sunna hota Ayushyaat pratyekane ekadatari wachwi ashi kadambari.Jivan mhanaje kay ani jagana mhanaje kay he shikawanari kadambari.............

Sagar N.Sawant. writes on Mon Jun 6 22:22:28 2005:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments".

Sagar N.Sawant. writes on Mon Jun 6 22:20:45 2005:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments".

Nita writes on Thu May 19 16:27:58 2005:
The best book I have ever read. The language is beautiful, awesome. Even who is not well versed with the language, this book holds him/her till the end. While reading we ourselves realize our duties towards our parents, friends, teachers. I think every individual should read this novel, somehow some incidents do relates to ones lives.

Pravin Pardeshi writes on Mon May 2 21:53:32 2005:
The language of the book is mesmerising. The book is griping right from the begining.

abhishek writes on Mon Apr 25 11:34:49 2005:
When my dad brought yhis book to home,i thought it to be just like another book and yhe cover also didnt look inspiring to me but as i was a avid reader of books i thought it to be my moral obligation to read the book after reading the 1st chapter i was so hypnotized that i could not leave the book untill i read it completely also i understood the meaning of phrase never judge a book by its cover i dont even have words for such a fantastic novel many books will come and go but mrutyunjay will always remain in my heart.anyone wanting to discuss more about the book ,plz mail me.i would love to recieve mails on my favourate book.also there is a play going to be hosted on mrutyunjay in bhopal in june.

Vedang writes on Fri Apr 8 01:08:38 2005:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments".This is the second time I am writing my comments. Now I have read the book twice......I feel that the concluding chapter should have been by Yudhishthir - He has so much to tell. The closing with his "manogat" would have been ideal, I feel.

Vedang V. Bakshi writes on Wed Feb 2 01:57:11 2005:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments".From the very moment, my mother told me Mahavir Karna's story, he appealed my mind so much that I consider him the greatest amoung all the mahanayakas of Mahabharat. He teaches us so much.... This is the first Marathi novel that I have read. Once you take it in hand, 2-3 hours seem to pass in a second. Your mind cries for the Great hero. There are so many touching instances....his giving away his Kundalas, Mata Kunti visiting him, finally his donation of his Gold teeth to the Brahmin.Perhaps there is only one thing, which is not described in detail and which I am dying to know- The reaction of the pandavas, especially Bheem & Arjun, when they came to know of his real heavenly identity. Ashyaa Mahaan, Daanshur, Maharathi, Digvijayi, Sooryaputra Karnalaa shat-shat pranaa.

Dnyanesh writes on Sat Jul 3 14:41:56 2004:
This is the best book I have ever read. Every Bharatiya should read this book. This book teaches us that, one can achieve ultimate success without anybodys help....just like Karna learned archery by himself. This book is a fear destroyer.

Pravin Devidas Wankhade writes on Mon May 31 02:03:27 2004:
Mrutunjaya, What to write about this novel, It shows the picture of idealogy, for a comman man like us. It gives us a way how to devote without asking for any thing.It is the best thing i ever read, My tears come out at the end of the book, really the most meaning full life story, It reflects the meaning of ideal life.

Pravin Nanaware writes on Thu May 27 20:24:33 2004:
Hi kadambari mi 3 te 4 vela vachun kadhali pan pratyek veli vegalicha vatali. Mahabharatatil barycha lapalyelya goshti ya kadambari mule kalaya. Mazya mate nehamichya mahabharatat karnasarakhya mahan patrala far thodi shi jaga milate aani ti hi tyache sadgun dakhavanyasathi navhe. Shivaji sawantanchya Mrutunjay mule kadachit karna ya patrala nyay milel. aani samajacha tyachyabaddal vichar karanyacha drushtikon badalel ashi aasha vatate.

sandeep writes on Fri Feb 27 05:22:49 2004:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments".hya kadambaribaddal boliche zhale tar me mhanel me wachanachi suruwat yacha pasun keli ek apratim asi gosht kadambari kay aste mala samajle danshur karnachi kahani lekhakadun jiwant jali karnache viratva kharah kalte lekhachya lekhni tun

Nandkishor Chavan writes on Sat Nov 22 03:08:41 2003:
Hya kadambaribaddal bolave tevade kami aahe. hya kadambarimule Karn nemaka kasa hota te samajale. Tasech karnachya ayushyachi dusari baju ji ataparyant anekana aparichit hoti ti samor ali.

anagha writes on Sun Jul 20 13:49:28 2003:
hya kadmbarine saglyanna wede kele he nakki !mahabharatacha eka khup weglya drustikonatun wichar karayla tyachya wachanne bhag padle . karna he patra saglyanchya manat ghar karun rahate ase watte ki janu sarwat jasta nukasan tyachech zale aahe jyachya swabhimani manala asnkhya wedana dilya gelya ,tyache man shewatchya kshani pan evdhe sthir kase rahu shkte ! aso he sagle sawntanchya likhanache koushlya aahe je aaplyalla parat parat hya kadanbari kade khechun aante - anagha prashant.

satyarth priyedarshi writes on Thu Sep 19 07:33:14 2002:
i heard about this book in a general compartment from two travelling policemen.they praised it so much that i was amazed that how come i had never heard let alone read this book. i set out to search this book in indore and found it in just one shop......bought it and have just this much to say that this is the only book that made me cry.the last scene when karn is hit with an arrow and is about to die and then he donates his golden teeth........ i just couldn't stop my tears.......seemed like i was standing right there and every thing was happening in front of me. today's 18th sept. shivaji sawant is no more....and no one must be feeling as sorry as i am

Mandar writes on Tue Jul 10 03:46:05 2001:
This is the best book I have ever read. writes on Sun Jul 15 08:59:56 2001:

Santosh M. Gore writes on Thu Nov 16 22:08:31 2000:
No one has explained the Suryaputra ever like this. Excellent one......... Each Indian should read (I'll say must read) this kadambari in the version better to understand him/her. And Shri Shivaji Sawant is the great Person currently working on Yugandhar. For which I am waiting like anything. He is simply great. No words to write about him. All my prays and best wishes with him. Santosh

Nitin Acharya writes on Sun May 20 22:46:48 2001:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments". hi to whomever it is concerned, my name is Nitin Acharya.i m a resident of pune.i have just completed my graduation from MODERN COLLEGE,PUNE. My hobbies include reading,hiking,riding,music and movie watching.Reading has always been nurtured well by me than my any other hobby,and this hobby of mine has compelled me to read your famous book "MRITYUNJAYA" WOW what a superb book SHIVAJI SAWANT has written,its just stupendous,marvellous...i m out of vocalbury praising your work.its-its just grrrrreat! whenever i read your book i forget my surroundings and feel like im being transferred to that world.The world of mahabharata,the world of kurus,the world of pandus,the world of the great-great Death Conquerer "Karna" Its always a lovely experience. The character of karna has infatuated me since time immemorial.He was a great person,the only one of his kind.There shall never be any equal to him.He is my idol in todays world.Nobody could have ever won him by fair means.Sometime back your serial "MRITYUNJAYA" was aired on television.But i could never guess why was it stoped.Could u please give a favourable answer? How i wish it could start again so that even the most common person could watch your marvellous creation. I wish u all the best for all your future prospects, With this i end my dialouge, hoping for a favourable response at your earliest, Thanking You, NITIN ACHARYA.

amol sule (artist) writes on Tue Oct 23 04:16:55 2001:

umesh writes on Fri Dec 15 05:55:23 2000:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments". I like this book very much this my favourite novel.

Nikhil writes on Sun Jul 15 09:03:23 2001:
I know this book is an excellent reflection of karna's mind a masterpiece. Can I get this book for 18$. This book reflects on the mahabharata through karna's eyes and his sufferings and neglect and his path to perfection.

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