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Rasik.com Library! is closed till Feb 28, 2018

Library concept is a well-accepted and well-understood concept in Maharashtra, and in India, in general; it complements individual book purchases quite well. We would like to extend the same library concept (borrowing books, magazines and other available literature) to Maharashtrians living abroad and even better - you don't have to leave your home!

We feel that our library service will offer you a convenient way to access a wide variety of Marathi books and magazines for entertainment and recreation. We are extending to you the same efficient, courteous, friendly and proven service that customers have expected and experienced from the Rasik.Com team.

We have over 1500 titles in the library. On our website, you can browse through the books, authors and read reviews to make your selections. For the Diwali Ank buffs, we have issues starting from the year 1998!

New From May 1, 2012, we are now offering very special membership pricing for our SF, California Bay Area residents. A significant part of your membership fee gets applied towards the postal shipping cost to and fro. Some of our Bay Area resident members would like to pick-up (and drop-off) the transaction box from two locations in the Bay Area. Pick-up/Drop-off can be done either from South San Jose (a home address - 5910 Thorntree Dr, San Jose, CA 95120) or Stevens Creek BLVD (an office address - SynTest Technologies, Inc., 4320 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 100, San Jose, California 95129). The membership then will be $60 for "ardhavarshik" plan (mere $10/month) or $108 for "varshik" plan (mere $9/month). You will authorize the official normal amount payment to PayPal and we will only post the appropriate amount per this reduced membership fee offer. Please do send us an email to alert us that you will be using this option so that we can capture the appropriate amount.

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