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Now accepting orders for 2021 Marathi Diwali Ank! offers 20% discount on all Diwali Ank as well as all books. It is not clear yet which Ank may not be published this year due to Covid 19.

Ordering is easy! Browse through the list of popular Diwali Ank (or list of all Diwali Ank), select the ones which you wish to order and then go through our simple online ordering process. We recommend only Express shipping mode orders in light of the warning displayed above.
Please place your orders ASAP. Your package will be shipped from Pune as soon as all Diwali Ank in your order appear in the market.
Let us know if you do not find your favorite Ank in the list.

Does this have a familiar ring? ... "Next time I visit Mumbai/Pune, I am going to buy a lot of Marathi books to bring back with me".
How many times have you made a promise to yourself and then have returned empty-handed because you did not find time to visit bookshops? Have you felt sorry for having given trouble to your relatives/friends by requesting them to buy books you want? It is not easy for them to find time in their busy schedule to purchase, package and ship books to you. has been serving Marathi Rasiks spread all over the world "outside India" since 1998. We have customers in US, Canada, UK and rest of Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Middle-East, Japan/Singapore/China in Asia etc. We are a Califonia, USA based company and take pride in providing reliable, courteous, prompt service - a customer oriented business most US businesses are known for. We have a huge number of books in our database which we strive to keep up to date. Please note that we do not have any "physical" store and do not stock any books. We are a "book procurement and shipping service". also takes pride in helping you in locating hard-to-find titles by fanning out even to bookshops outside Mumbai/Pune area. ... and all this at affordable price! We use Registered Parcel (SpeedPost Express mode available as option) shipping mode with package tracking feature. Cost of both shipping modes are clearly displayed at the time of checkout :>) Library
* Please note that Rasik Library service is still open for USA residents.
* It is not impacted by Covid-19 situation
Book Library is a well-accepted and well-understood concept in Maharashtra, and in India, in general; it complements individual book purchases quite well. We are offering the library service (borrowing books, magazines and other available literature of your choice) to Maharashtrians living abroad for $7 a month (+ shipping) and have made it even better - you don't have to leave your home! What could be a better gift to your parents or to yourself - avid Marathi readers - or to your parents who are visiting from India!!! Read more and register!

New Selection of "The Best" in some category is a favorite pass time of mankind. Marathi Literature is also no exception to this. In the past, many publications as well as organizations have given their own verdict on The Best, The Favorite, सर्वोत्कॄष्ट, आवडती पुस्तकंin Marathi literature. We have collected some notable lists for sharing with you all!
गेल्या १-२ महिन्यांत प्रकाशित झालेली पुस्तके ....
   'अफेअर : विवाहबाह्य संबंध आणि नंतर' (Deshonnati Sep 25) 'नाथ संप्रदायाचा इतिहास व परंपरा' (MaTa Aug 25) 'लोकसत्ता दुर्गा' (Loksatta Aug 19) 'लोकमान्य टिळक यांच्या आठवणी आणि आख्यायिका' (MaTa Aug 1) 'प्राजक्तप्रभा' (MaTa Jul 19) 'व्ही. पी. सिंह, चंद्रशेखर, सोनिया गांधी आणि मी' (MaTa July 4) 'व्हिएतनाम : स्वातंत्र्यासाठी सतत ४५ वर्षे युद्धरत राहू' (Loksatta Jun 22) 'राजाराम छत्रपती : फोटोबायोग्राफी' (Apr 09) 'हरवलेली माणसं' (Policenama Feb 18) 'बॅरिस्टर नाथ पै' (SanwadMedia Jan 17) 'सरोजिनी बाबर यांचे कार्य, संशोधन आणि लेखन' (eSakal Jan 9) 'वरदान रागाचे' (eSakal Jan 3) 'निबंधसरिता' (Lokmat Dec 28) 'अनंतानुभव' (Lokmat Dec 25) 'लोकप्रिय ब्रँड कसा बनवावा' (ArthSanket Dec 24) 'ओंजळ' (Lokmat Dec 19) 'बाबा', 'प्रज्ञाक्षरे', 'काव्यलिपी' (Lokmat Dec 13) 'गुरू ग्रंथ साहिबमधील संत नामदेव' (eSakal Dec 13) 'कोकणा आदिवासींचे लोकसाहित्य' (Lokmat Nov 23) 'त्रिकुट बालनाट्यांचे' (TarunBharat Nov 23) 'अबोल झाली सतार' (Lokmat Nov 20) 'कर्तृत्ववान मराठा स्त्रिया' (DivyaMarathi Nov 20) 'उठा तुम्हीही जिंकणारच' (Lokmat Nov 19) 'सत्तेच्या सावलीत', 'दृष्टिक्षेप' (NavRashtra Nov 13) 'माझी भिंत' (Lokmat Nov 10) 'समानतेकडून विकासाकडे' (MaTa Nov 7) 'करण्याचे दिवस, कळण्याचे दिवस' (ABPmajha Nov 13) 'श्री गजानन गाथा' (Navarashtra Oct 31) 'लॉकडाऊनच्या कथा' (bahujannama Oct 30) 'शिवगंध' (DainikPrabhat Oct 26) 'चौकात उधळले मोती - एक अक्षरसोहळा' (abplive Oct 24) 'अजेय भारत' (MahaMTB Oct 13) 'देह वेचावा कारणी' (AajDinank Oct 12) 'बोलिले जे.. संवाद एलकुंचवारांशी' (Loksatta Oct 11) 'आम्ही घडलो वाचनाने' (mpcnews Oct 7) 'झलक', 'मंथन' (TarunBharat Oct 6) 'गोडसे@गांधी.कॉम', 'गांधी समजून घेताना' (MaTa Oct 2)
New जून २०१० पासून प्रकाशित झालेली नवी पुस्तके ...    

साहित्य विश्वातील गेल्या १-२ महिन्यांतील बातम्या ....
   लेखक-प्रकाशकांनी रडारड कशाला करावी? (Lokmat Oct 2) सनातनचे ग्रंथ : केवळ ज्ञान नव्हे, तर चैतन्याचे दिव्य भांडार ! (SanatanPrabhat Sep 26) साहित्य अकादमी पुरस्कारांची घोषणा (MaharashtraMaza Sep 20) यंदाचा साहित्य अकादमी पुरस्कार सोनाली नवांगुळ यांना जाहीर झाला आहे (eSakal Sep 18) औरंगाबादेत भरणार साहित्यिकांचा मेळा, 41 वे मराठवाडा साहित्य संमेलन (tv9marathi Sep 3) संपादक व लेखक आनंद अंतरकर यांचं निधन; ८० व्या वर्षी घेतला अखेरचा श्वास (Lokmat Aug 28) मुंबईतील 'या' ५ बूक कॅफेला नक्की भेट द्या (eSak Aug 25) बाळशास्त्री जांभेकर उत्कृष्ट भाषांतरकार पुरस्कारांची घोषणा (MaTa Aug 23) राज्यातील ग्रंथालयांसमोर डिजिटलाईज होण्याचे आव्हान (TarunBharat Aug 12) संत साहित्याचे गाढे अभ्यासक प्रा. डॉ. नरेंद्र कुंटे यांचे निधन (MaTa Aug 8) श्रावण दगडे यांच्या चरित्र ग्रंथाचे प्रकाशन (Loksatta Jul 20) ज्येष्ठ साहित्यिक अनंत मनोहर यांचे पुण्यात निधन (eSak Jul 18) पुस्तकांना 'आवाज' देण्याची संधी, ऑडिओ बुक्सची वाचकांना गोडी (eSak Jul 3) पुढील वर्षी प्रकाशित होणार नथुराम गोडसेचं चरित्र (Loksatta Jul 2)    
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