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Author: व. पु. काळे
Publisher: मेहता प्रकाशन
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Price: $5.14 $4.11 20% OFF ( ~154 Pages, R150)*
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"पोरगी म्हणजे एक झुळुक. अंगावरून जाते, अमाप सुख देऊन जाते. पण धरून ठेवता येत नाही."
"आपल्याला हवा तेव्हा तिसरा माणूस न जाणं हा नरक."
"तुला मी हाक कशी मारू? पार्टनर ह्या नावानं. आपल्याला खरं तर नावच नसतं. बारशाला नाव ठवतात ते देहाचं."
"कुणाचा तरी मुलगा होणं टाळता येत नाही. कुणाचा तरी बाप होणं टाळता येतं."
"दु:ख, आनंद, जय-पराजय, हसू-आसू, जन्म-मरण, विरह-मिलन सगळं तसंच असतं. प्रत्येक क्षणी माणसाचं मन नवा जन्म घेतं. एवढचं काय ते नवीन. पुन्हापुन्हा जन्म घेण्याची ही क्रिया थांबणं हे मरण."

Reader Comments:

Sheetal writes on Fri Apr 13 14:09:01 2018:
it really awesome book heart touching lines

Sheetal writes on Fri Apr 13 14:08:02 2018:
it really awesome book heart touching lines

Amol Gomase writes on Sat Apr 22 03:49:07 2017:
It's a great book for ever

yashraj inamdar writes on Wed Mar 15 17:03:28 2017:
Really Fantastic.

deepak birajdar writes on Thu Aug 25 13:02:47 2016:
yuva dilo ki dhadkan .... salute to v.p. kale ekdam chan pustak ahe...

PRIYA writes on Tue Jun 28 14:10:09 2016:
I like to read this book online .please provide me link to read this book online

वैशाली देशपांडे writes on Fri Mar 25 16:51:38 2016:
Ekada tari vachavech. Ayushyavar far sundar sahaj bhashya karato partner!

Ramdas wavaliye writes on Sat Jan 2 18:57:38 2016:
2003 madhe he book mala maze mitra Prashant Kandarka ni vachayla dile.... Tya nantar mi mazya pratyek mitrala he pustak vachayla dile... Pratyekane te atishay avadalyach sangitale..... Apratim... v.p.kale

arun sul writes on Sun Oct 4 10:11:29 2015:
palavarach jag,upara,abhalavada chatrapati

SANDIP Shrikant dole writes on Sun May 10 11:22:46 2015:
Plz send me the link so I can download the pdf

swapnilmore writes on Tue Mar 11 10:05:23 2014:

swapnilmore writes on Tue Mar 11 10:03:17 2014:

Nandu Kalate writes on Thu Jul 13 21:54:43 2006:
Excellent Book. Jeevanatil khup goshinchi aadhich kalpana devun Va.Pu. made my life easy.... Great for practical life....Partner...

Pramod Hatkhambkar writes on Mon Jul 3 23:06:00 2006:
It's a mirror. I can see myself in it.

manish pawar writes on Wed Jun 7 16:42:43 2006:
the book is very lively. its an amazing discription of the story of a normal couple and their lives. please read anap sare arjun also

Abhijeet Vyawahare writes on Sat Jun 3 16:24:19 2006:
Partner is not a just book , It is the Classical tone of humanlife.

Nensukh writes on Mon May 8 08:59:47 2006:
Very very nice book.Everything is real in this book... At least you must read it once...

Laxmikant writes on Thu Feb 9 06:53:21 2006:
Vapu kahrech apratim.n tyat Partnerla tar tod nahi

NITIN TAKALE writes on Fri Dec 16 10:04:51 2005:
One of the classic book I have ever seen. This book tells us about the nature of various human relations. And put forward the life of every comman man.It shows almost every relation through which a human goes.A mother,wife,husband (Shree),brother,father,friend (the Partner - Ulhas),neighbourhoods(Mai),Employer,Colleague etc....If you are a Maharashtrian then a must read book. It's real beauty.

Joji Oommen writes on Tue Dec 13 15:42:36 2005:
Hi.. it was nice reading ur book and yeah even though i am a non marathi i liked the book thanks that there are people that are still printing such kind of books.

pallavi writes on Sat Nov 19 07:45:41 2005:
"PARTNER" mi he pustak vachayala ghetale aani bharavalyasarakhe vachat rahile.jivanachya barya-vait anubhavanche itake marmik aani khumasadar varnan.i am mad about v.p.kale.

Dhananjay Sabnis writes on Wed Oct 19 10:15:21 2005:
'Partner' Vach-le aani mi Va Pu Kalencha Veda vachak jhalo. Khup Sundar aani Chhan. Va Pu Na ya pustakabaddal Shat-shaha: Dhanyawad...

Sandeep Maher writes on Wed Oct 5 11:14:41 2005:
Jiwanala jiwanasarakh pahayach kas, khar tar jiwan kay he mala VAPURZA vachalya nantar samazal.

Santosh Patil writes on Mon Oct 3 19:16:56 2005:
Well, what can i say, it is a Va Pu book, u know what to expect from him. And he doesn't let you down on this one !!! A must read !!!!

Dhananjay writes on Mon Sep 12 16:57:26 2005:
Me hya pustakachya prematach padlo . Aamhi hyachi ekankika pan basavli hoti.kharach V.P means Very Precious Marathi lekhak.

Prashant V. Pimpodkar writes on Tue Jul 12 06:57:15 2005:
This is a very nice book which i read in my life.

gauri writes on Sat Jun 25 15:53:55 2005:
atishay sundar pustak ahe......kahi prasanga swataha anubhawale ahet ase watate...uttam!!!!!!!!!!!

BHAMARE VIJAY K writes on Fri Jun 24 08:37:56 2005:
"PARTNER" is the heart touching book. Every line of this book are showed the real middle class life of one common man. It's just fantastic book

archie writes on Mon May 16 10:40:27 2005:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments". This is not a review but i want to say-- this book will give u just down to earth feeling "prem mhanje tajmahal ahe dole nivatil manala bar watel etapatach khar ahe bandhanyacha prayatn karu naye." "Ayushyat ek kshan bghalanyacha uralele sagale sambhalnyache.---("Ghar Haravaleli Manse" -V.P.Kale)"

Nilesh H. Sonar writes on Thu Mar 3 11:17:44 2005:
"PARTNER" is the heart touching book. Every line of this book are showed the real middle class life of one common man. It's just fantastic book.

mahesh pharande writes on Tue Dec 7 16:53:24 2004:
very good book.everyone should must read this book so he knows about life and life after marriage.

Dilip Sanap writes on Wed Nov 3 12:23:14 2004:
this book is very nice

RVJ writes on Sat Jul 24 01:54:52 2004:
If you are from Pune, then do not miss "Duniyadaari" and "Jaata Yetaa" by Shirwakar.

prashant writes on Fri Apr 16 09:16:56 2004:
he pustak mala vachayala milel kaay

Mahesh writes on Sat Feb 21 14:45:26 2004:
Very nice book. One should read it.

Shrikant writes on Sat Feb 21 14:44:43 2004:
Very good book. Must READ

Shashank writes on Mon Dec 2 07:07:49 2002:
This gives the direction of living and thinking for own mind with media of Osho and Gita

DIPTI NAIK writes on Mon Apr 30 07:12:54 2001:
This book is very beautiful. Ilike it very much.

Dipak writes on Wed Oct 31 15:00:29 2001:
This book tells the actual truth in Life: Love others & Try to uderstand their feelings also.

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