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Author: य. दि. फडके
Publisher: अक्षर प्रकाशन
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'मी नथुराम गोडसे बोलतोय' या नाटकाच्या निमित्ताने निर्माण झालेल्या वादळाच्या पार्श्वभूमीवर एका इतिहास संशोधकाने तटस्थ वृत्तीनं केलेलं हे लेखन आहे.
महात्मा गांधींच्या खुनामागच्या ऐतिहासिक सत्याचा वेध घेणारा हा प्रयत्न अनेक गैरसमज दूर करू शकेल. नथुराम गोडसे हुतात्मा होता की खुनी? त्याचे आणि स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकरांचे संबंध कसे होते? गांधीजींनी ५५ कोटी रुपये पाकिस्तानला देण्याचा आग्रह धरल्यामुळे त्यांचा खून झाला या म्हणण्यात तथ्य आहे का? या आणि अशा अनेक प्रश्नांची उत्तरं या पुस्तकातून मिळतील.

Reader Comments:

malhar writes on Wed Sep 24 20:01:43 2014:
Mr satish wat ur saying man... is;was;was;is???!!!........

malhar writes on Wed Sep 24 19:57:44 2014:
Hats off for ya di,dos who says nathuram is/was right pl study proper n genuine history, don't read roadside authors,n also take some labor to do so...talya-shittynchi bhashne ani lekh is not history.. Please understand.

shan writes on Thu Sep 4 21:06:46 2014:
This is great book, dos people saying ya di is wrong should probably not learnt proper n genuine history,and r possibly of prejudiced mind.

amey ranade writes on Sun Dec 5 14:55:01 2004:
personaly i am having great honour to dr.y.d.phadke.but it wiil not be great attitude to accept his statements each and every time. as far as veer savarkar's refrence is concern i think these so called schlors should now stop this foolishness. acoording to court verdict it has been proved that savarkar was nothing to doing with gandhi's assasination. and as far as that particular drama 'me nathuram godse' is concern it was one of the great stage performance i have ever seen. the performance of mr.sharad pinkshe and direction of ninay apte is the best. VANDE MATARAM

jimmiboy writes on Wed Aug 13 07:29:29 2003:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments". One should not forget that Ya.Dee Phadake is welkonwn communist so it will not proper to judge Nathuram Godse from this book

satish writes on Tue Oct 1 14:18:31 2002:
Nathuram Godase, he was very tilented person. he is very sharp in marathi.what he was doing is very correctly.

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