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व्यक्ती आणि वल्ली
Author: पु. ल. देशपांडे
Publisher: मौज प्रकाशन
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जीवनातल्या विसंगत अनुभवांना विनोदी शैलीनं गहिरेपणा प्राप्त करून देणार्‍या पुलंच्या समर्थ लेखणीतून उतरलेला हा व्यक्तिचित्रांचा संग्रह. ह्या पुस्तकातल्या व्यक्ती आणि वल्लीही मनाला भावतात. मिस्कील शैली आणि निर्मळ विनोदाच्या पखरणीमुळं मनाची मरगळ दूर होऊन प्रसन्नतेचा शिडकावा मनावर होतो. पुलंच्या प्रतिभेचा चौरस आणि मुक्त संचार ह्या पुस्तकात पाहायला मिळतो.
नारायण, सखाराम गटणे, चितळेमास्तर वगैरे मराठी साहित्यात कायमची वास्तव्याला आलेली व्यक्तिचित्रे

Reader Comments:

Aniket Deshmukh writes on Sat Feb 27 02:49:27 2016:
Best book I have ever read.fabulous stuff.fully entertaining. comedy loaded.Good book

SHUBHANGI writes on Mon Nov 2 07:58:05 2015:
the writer i like most becoz of his writtting style writes on Fri Feb 10 08:11:31 2006:
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ganesh kandge writes on Sun Nov 6 19:00:49 2005:
samrudha marathi bhashela atisamrudha karanarya pulanchya kunchalyatun nighalelya vividh vyaktirekha khupach bhavalya.khas karun sakharam gatane,gajakhot,narayan adi mandali kalajat ghar karun geli.........thanxs PL

shashikant writes on Fri Oct 14 09:53:21 2005:
I love reading all kinds f Pu La's Books. And a special thing about this book is his observation capability. He was such a gem.

Vijay writes on Mon May 30 05:48:04 2005:
Book is written by the great observer.No other person would have written it in such a beautiful way.While reading you always feel like you are talking with the character.Each and every character is special in its own way.Pula is king of lalit lekhan.Even if he is no more his books make him stay in hearts of every fan of his.

Bhushan Mahajan writes on Wed Oct 6 05:15:58 2004:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments". hi vakti ani valli great !!! P.L. yevde barki nirikshan konache nasel he hya pustkatun diste. pratyak vakti cha swabhav, tycha savai, ani barech kahi hya pustakat agdi jase cha tase dile aahe me P.L. na ka bhetlo nahi.... addhi me he hya pustkat allo asto

Mr Ashok Shikhare writes on Fri Jun 25 07:51:04 2004:
I read this book several times, and each time I read it ,I become more and more closer to each of the characters in this book...I simple love to read PL Deshpande

ranjeet writes on Fri Nov 30 14:42:07 2001:
Write your comments on the book here and click on "Add My Comments".

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