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डॉ. केतकर
Author: द. न. गोखले
Publisher: मॅजेस्टिक प्रकाशन
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मराठीतील प्रसिद्ध साहित्यकोशकार डॉ. केतकर यांचे चरित्र

Definitive New Biography of Pioneer Marathi Encyclopaedist

“This is undoubtedly one of the best biographies published in Marathi in recent times. It deals with the life and work of Dr. Ketkar, pioneer encyclopaedist in Marathi and truly a man of many parts. Not only is this the first definitive biography of this phenomenal intellect, but it is in many ways a model of biographical writing.”
“The biographer clarifies his terms of reference and his methods of approaching his task in the preface. He makes the point-probably for the first time – that the content of a man’s life has to be moulded into a disciplined form by the biographer, but in so doing he must avoid the temptation of imposing an arbitrary, personal mould on the events that are his raw material. Dr. Ketkar’s personality like that of any person worth the name, was not a static fact, it was prone to change and evolution, and hence all the more real. It has been the writer’s attempt to preserve this reality of personality with all its variegated ramifications.”
“... In 1915, Dr. Ketkar first started making preparations for the mammoth Marathi encyclopaedia ‘Dnyan-Kosha’ that was to keep him busy till his death. Shri Gokhale’s narrative of these adventurous years of Dr. Ketkar’s life reads like a novel, without in any way being undignified or disproportionately subjective. The portrait of the busy researcher bent on his gigantic pursuit and underterred by obstacles, is initself something rare in our biographical literature. Shri Gokhale’s singular success is that he has related the individual to his surroundings in a logical, lucid way.”
“...This outstanding biography does not quite escape from some blemishes. But Shri Gokhale’s reconstruction of the man, his age and his phenomenal achievements makes such racy reading that one is prompted to dip into the vast body of work that Dr. Ketkar has left behind.”

- D. G. N., The Bharat Jyoti, 10th April, 1960

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