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Confessions of a Marathi writer. (Indian Literatures: In the Fifth Decade of Independence)
Vilas Sarang (Author)
"I have been asked to write about myself as a Marathi writer. That's the slot for me, apparently. However, I happen to be a questionable sort of Marathi writer." -- Vilas Sarang
Six Marathi poets. (Indian Literatures: In the Fifth Decade of Independence)
Rajani Parulekar, Arun Kolatkar, P. S. Rege, Narayan Surve, Mangesh Padgaonkar, Dilip Chitre (Authors)
In the course of the past three or four decades, the world of Marathi poetry has been fragmented by the emergence of several new groups of writers, schools of writing, and literary and social movements. Each of these groups, schools, or movements represents an unprece- dented combination of interests, based on the writers' es- thetics in theory and practice, their social backgrounds (whether class, region, or caste), and their cultural politics, among other factors. The poets included here belong to three distinct literary generations and can be situated in four or five different groups and movements.


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