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Madhouse: True Stories of the Inmates of Hostel 4, IITB
Urmilla Deshpande (Editor), Bakul Desai (Editor)
Read about the extraordinary experiences of a batch of 1983, and in particular the residents of hostel 4 or H4, at IIT Bombay, who are today well known politicians, international strategists, IT czars and successful entrepreneurs.
Massacre in Mumbai:26th of November 2008
Frank Senauth (Author)
It was sad to see all of the ten terrorists who were carrying out their missions of death. A massacre in Mumbai. Their main task were to bring down certain parts of Mumbai, taking out certain places, killing as many British, Americans and Indian nationals would be shot for no reason, whatsoever. The Mumbai residents were in the hands of the ten terrorists who came from Pakistan to harm them.
Forgiving the Unforgivable: The True Story of How Survivors of the Mumbai Terrorist Attack Answered Hatred with Compassion
Master Charles Cannon (Author)
This book weaves together a page turning narrative of the Mumbai siege with a revolutionary explanation of what true forgiveness really is and how to live the Holistic Lifestyle in a state of awareness where true forgiveness becomes instinctive.
Sach [Kindle Edition]
Gautam Bhattacharya (Author)
Sachin tendulkar is a flesh and blood icon whose trail-blazing footsteps have accorded him the highest stature, admiration and respect in the eyes of every Indian and on the global platform. This is not just another book on Sachin’s cricketing achievements. It is the journey of a man who dreamed big, stretched his arms towards the sky and reached the summit.
Bombay Mixture [Kindle Edition]
Ketan Joshi (Author)
Spicy short stories set in Bombay, India. These 9 stories are in different flavours - humour, pathos, thriller, spy stories, etc - and all come with a tasty twist in the tail. Completely indian in flavour, they will give you a taste kick and leave you with a delicious aftertaste. No femme fatales or super heroes here - simple tales of simple people, but with a unique twist. Do try it out - you will definitely enjoy them.
Vada Pav in Mumbai
Anita Beri (Author)
Vadapav in Mumbai is an Ode to the spirit to the city of Mumbai ,how the city has brought out the best in Anita’s Life and made her the person that she is becoming.
Marathi Reading Course [Kindle Edition]
B.V. Nemade (Author)
Start reading Marathi Reading Course on your Kindle for PC instantly, no Kindle device required. Don't have a Kindle app? Get yours for free
Everyday Marathi [Kindle Edition]
Nutan Publishing (Author)
Saying Bonjour correctly brings a smile to a French man’s face. So will saying ‘kasa kaai’ to a Marathi guy.
Shri Ganapati Atharvshirsha in Marathi [Kindle Edition]
Anil Sohoni (Author)
In this book of Ganapti Atharvashirsha you will find meaning in Marathi along with critique with scientific approach, in Marathi.
Haripath in Marathi [Kindle Edition]
Anil Sohoni (Author)
This book contains simple meaning and critique on Haripath in MARATHI.
Chatushloki Bhagawat in Marathi [Kindle Edition]
Anil Sohoni (Author)
In Chatushloki Bhagavatam (consisting of only four short verses), Lord Narayana explained to Brahma, the creator, the entire philosophical essence of the Bhagavatam (2.9.32-35) in four divisions viz. 1.Brahma Tattva 2.Maya Tattva 3.Jagat Tattva and 4.Jijnasya Tattva.
Shri Ganapati Atharvshirsha [Kindle Edition]
Anil Sohoni (Author)
In this book of Atharvashirsha, you will find verse by verse meaning and critique with scientific approach, in English.
Two old cricket teams of Mumbai ---Prabhu Jolly Young and Parsi Cyclists are playing their last match of the Kanga cricket league.
a story of success [Kindle Edition]
Sunil Khandbahale (Author)
मी काही खूप भव्यदिव्य काम केले असे मला बिलकुल वाटत नाही. विद्यार्थीदशेत इंग्रजीवर मात करणे ही माझी तत्कालीन गरज होती.
Shri Navnath Bhaktisar - Pothi [Kindle Edition]
Malu Kavi (Author), TransLiteral Foundation (Editor)
श्रीनवनाथभक्तिसार हा ग्रंथ अत्यंत श्रेष्ठ असून परमप्रासादिक आहे व साधकाला विधिपूर्वक वाचन केले असता दिव्य अनुभव देणारा असा आहे.
Behind the Curtain: Making Music in Mumbai's Film Studios [Kindle Edition]
Gregory D. Booth (Author)
Beginning in the 1930s, men and a handful of women came from India's many communities-Marathi, Parsi, Goan, North Indian, and many others--to Mumbai to work in an industry that constituted in the words of some, "the original fusion music." They worked as composers, arrangers, assistants, and studio performers in one of the most distinctive popular music and popular film cultures on the planet.
Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, India (India Travel Guides) [Kindle Edition]
Travel On The Dollar (Author)
Strawberry fields bloom forever, their reds peeking coyly out from under crisp green foliage. Cool breezes scour urban grit from your mind and body. At 1,372 m above sea level, Mahabaleshwar is always pleasant.
Maharashtra - Guidebook Chapter (Country Travel Guide) [Kindle Edition]
Planet Lonely (Author)
This eBook offering is an excerpt of Lonely Planet’s latest India guide book and includes: • Maharashtra chapters • Understanding India • Maharashtra maps
Untouchables: My Family's Triumphant Escape from India's Caste System [Kindle Edition]
Narendra Jadhav (Author)
In Untouchables, Narendra Jadhav tells the awe-inspiring story of his family's struggle for equality and justice in India. While most Dalits had accepted their lowly position as fate, Jadhav's father rebelled against the oppressive caste system and fought against all odds to forge for his children a destiny that was never ordained.
Shivaji [Kindle Edition]
H.V.Sheshadri (Author), R.A.Kashyap (Translator)
The hero who escaped from the prison of the Mughal Emperor himself, to become the ruler of a kingdom devoted to Dharma and the service of the people. As a boy he dedicated himself to Hindu Dharma. He matched cunn¬ing against cunning, cour¬age against courage; he was one of the wisest rulers as he was one of the greatest generals.
Shivaji [Kindle Edition]
Anant Pai (Author)
Shivaji is one of the most inspirational historical figures in contemporary India. This is especially true for the Marathi speaking region to which he belonged. He was born in the 17th century in Western India.
Tales Of Shivaji [Kindle Edition]
Anant Pai (Author)
Shivaji, famous as a warrior and patriot, was also renowned for his kindness. His behaviour managed to convert a spunky young mother, an avenging widow, and a terrified maiden into devoted friends. Not only did the powerful Maratha display humility and a constant sense of fair play, he also upheld the honour of every woman whether rich or poor, enemy or ally.
Babasaheb Ambedkar [Kindle Edition]
Anant Pai (Author)
Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was born in 1891, in an 'untouchable' caste. He was a bright student in school and encouraged by his teachers. However he had to face insults from peers because of his social background. With persistence and help from some well- meaning people, he became the first matriculate from his community. He went on to study in University of Mumbai, Columbia University in New York and the London School of Economics obtaining multiple degrees including doctorates in political science and economics.
Tanaji [Kindle Edition]
Anant Pai (Author)
Tanaji Malusare was only a boy when he took an oath to support his friend, Shvaji, in fighting the Mughals. Along with their small band of faithful followers they became a thorn in the side of the Emperor Aurangazeb as they conquered fort after fort. Tanaji's prowess was tested when he was entrusted with the near impossible task of capturing Kondana Fort.
Baji Rao 1 [Kindle Edition]
Anant Pai (Author)
Baji Rao, the warrior Peshwa (Maratha Prime Minister), fought 36 battles leading his men to victory time after time. He made the Marathas a formidable power in the country, even as the once powerful Mughals started showing signs of decline.
Lokmanya Tilak [Kindle Edition]
Anant Pai (Author)
Lokmanya Tilak dedicated himself to the cause of the nation with the avowed object of throwing off the British yoke.'Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it' - this was the inspiring message Tilak gave to his countrymen. He stirred the people to fight injustice and foreign rule. He directed them towards the four-fold programme of Swaraj, Swadeshi, boycott of foreign goods and national education.
Ahilyabai Holkar [Kindle Edition]
Anant Pai (Author)
Malharrao Holkar of Malwa, in Central India, was so impressed by the religious devotion and regal bearing of eight-year-old Ahilya, that he decided to make her his daughter-in-law. A decision he never regretted.
Shivaji and His Times [Kindle Edition]
Sir Jadunath Sarkar (Author)
This volume was published in 1920. "A new and critical study of Shivaji's life and character has long been due, as the last scholarly work on the subject was com- posed by Captain James Grant Duff a century ago, and a vast mass of original material unknown to him has become accessible to the student since then. To put the case briefly, the present work differs from his eminently readable and still valuable History of the Mahrattas, (3 Vols., 1826), in the rigid preference of contemporary records to later com- pilations, and the exhaustive and minute use of the available sources, both printed and MS.----in Persian, English, Marathi and Hindi, as well as the Dutch Records in the India Office, London."
Jijabai [Kindle Edition]
S.G.Lokhande (Author)
The mother of Shivaji, who was the protector of the country as well as religion. She was the guide who shaped his mind from his early years. She was the embodiment of self-respect. That great mother suffered in silence and became a source of inspiration to her heroic son.
The King's Secret [Kindle Edition]
Anupama Ajinkya Apte (Author, Illustrator)
A picture book for children. Maharajah Kanpakad Singh was keeping a big secret, which was neatly folded and tucked inside his huge custom made crown. The secret was revealed in an unusual way on his very special day. The story is based on an Indian folktale.
Kashmir Blues [Kindle Edition]
Urmila Despande (Author)
Kashmir Blues is an unexpected journey, through the atmospheric streets of Bombay and Delhi, a valley of flowers, ganje, guns, jihadis, Shiva, carpets, addiction, love and death.
Slither: Carnal Prose
Urmila Despande (Author)
Witches, kings, goblins and hawks live in these pages alongside painters, mothers and taxidermists. In her third book Urmilla Deshpande writes the erotic, the obscene, and the intimate in eighteen tales of graphic carnality and delicate longing.
India 1783: An Uprising [Kindle Edition]
Ganesh Sawant (Author)
Year 1783 was the pivotal point in history of India. American colonies declared independence from British Empire and formed the United States of America. Ever since then United States has prospered. It is the leader in Innovation and has become the beacon of Freedom around world. Around the same time, India was pushed further into bondage as English annexed India piece by piece. Why did India walked a totally different path than United States, England, France, Italy, Japan?
The homegrown [Kindle Edition]
Harry Deshpande (Author)
What does it take to make a man turn against his country and join the Jihadists? Today, as suicide bombs and terrorist attacks devastate all corners of the globe, this question consumes all of us. Now, author Harry Deshpande’s debut novel, The Homegrown, comes all too close to home to explore the journey of an educated Danish citizen, who is confronted by circumstances that compel him to unfathomable ends.
The homegrown [Kindle Edition]
Harry Deshpande (Author)
What does it take to make a man turn against his country and join the Jihadists? Today, as suicide bombs and terrorist attacks devastate all corners of the globe, this question consumes all of us. Now, author Harry Deshpande’s debut novel, The Homegrown, comes all too close to home to explore the journey of an educated Danish citizen, who is confronted by circumstances that compel him to unfathomable ends.


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