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Independence War of 1857 and Some of its Participants

Tatya Tope's Operation Red Lotus
Parag Tope (Author) 
Tatya Tope's Operation Red Lotus is a quest to understand the real history of the Anglo-Indian War of 1857. A quest by the contemporary members of the Tope family, which led to the discovery of the dramatic battle manoeuvres of their ancestor, the legendary Tatya Tope, as well as the true import of the war.
The Queen of Jhansi (Seagull Books - Seagull World Literature)
Mahasweta Devi (Author), Sagaree Sengupta (Translator), Mandira Sengupta (Translator)  
Lakshmibai, the Queen of Jhansi, a legendary Indian heroine, led her troops against the British in the uprising of 1857, which is now widely described as the first Indian War of Independence.
1857: The Real Story of The Great Uprising
Mrinal Pande (Author)
So this is what history looks like, alive and electric, written by a participant while it is unfolding. Mrinal Pande's translation is thrilling ...
Neel Mukherjee
The Great Uprising in India, 1857-58: Untold Stories, Indian and British (Worlds of the East India Company)
Rosie Llewellyn-Jones (Author)
The events of 1857-58 in India are seen here through a series of untold stories which show that they were much more complex than hitherto thought.
MUTINY AND INSURGENCY IN INDIA 1857-58: The British Army in a Bloody Civil War
Tony Heathcote (Author)
The events of 1857 to 1859 were tragic and momentous. The challenge to British colonial rule was on an unprecedented scale. This book places these grim events into their historical, political and economic contexts. The author's use of sources including personal accounts brings events of a century and a half ago vividly to life.
1857 Rebellion (Oxford India Paperbacks)
Biswamoy Pati (Author)
This volume brings together seminal writings on the rebellion of 1857, including out-of-print tracts to provide a comprehensive picture of the rebellion. It discusses all major debates related to the rebellion and outlines changes in historiography from the imperialist and nationalist interpretations to popular uprisings, adivasi protests, and mentalities involved
The Great Uprising India 1857
Pramod K. Nayar (Author)
Comprehensive guide to Mutiny, events of 1857
The Great Indian Mutiny: Colin Campbell and the Campaign at Lucknow
Bruce Watson (Author)
In 1857-1858, rebels in northern India recruited tens of thousands of civilian volunteers in a mutiny that threatened to engulf the entire subcontinent. This study explores a fundamental question never explicitly investigated in histories of the mutiny: How could a vastly outnumbered British army, with dangerously extended lines of supply and reinforcement, defeat so large a force on its home ground?


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