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The Desai Trio and The Movie Industry of India
Nilu N Gavankar (Author)
This book explores the careers of three creative men whose artistic and technical work was essential to the success of leading films of the day in India. It tells the moving stories of three family members: Vasant Desai (1912 - 1975); Sadanand Desai (1916 - 1985); and Mangesh Desai (1923 - 1985).
Vijay Tendulkar
Vijay Tendulkar (Author)
This unique Vijay Tendulkar is a writer who takes on society and its conscience keepers with his emotionally charged plays and films. His writings explore individual-society tensions and man-woman relationships. This selection contains lectures by Tendulkar and and essays on his works by scholars and critics, in an attempt to provide an insight into the creative intellect of his multifaceted personality.
Gautam Bhattacharya (Author)
This unique Super Exclusive book on Sachin Tendulkar (Little Master Blaster). This book contains 83 interviews by eminent personality on what Sachin means to them. Words by Greg Chappell, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and some other interesting aspects about Sachin life & cricket. Gary Kristen exposes how the Little Master prepares for each game.
An Anthology of Dalit Literature (Poems)
Mulk Raj Anand (Author, Editor), Eleanor Zelliot (Editor)
This unique selection of the heart-rending expression in prose and poetry by contemporary Dalit poets are passionate protests of the rejected.
Playwright at the Centre: Marathi Drama From 1843 to the Present
Shanta Gokhale (Author)
Pathbreaking study on two streams of secular, urban Marathi theater-the touring prof. theatre, and the theaters in Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur. first major history of Marathi drama. includes illustration, extracts from scripts. covers 1843-1943.
Essential Marathi Cookbook
Kaumudi Marathe (Author)
The sacred heresy: Selected poems of Vinda Karandikar
Govind Vinayak Karandikar (Author)
translated from the Marathi by G.V. Karandikar ; edited by Dilip Chitre
Collected Plays of Mahesh Elkunchwar: Garbo / Desire in the Rocks / Old Stone Mansion / Reflection / Sonata / An Actor Exits
Mahesh Elkunchwar (Author), Shanta Gokhale (Author), Supantha Bhattacharya (Author), Samik Bandyopadhyay (Author)
Mahesh Elkunchwar has written and produced some of the most influential and progressive plays of post-Independence India, and is part of the trinity, with Vijay Tendulkar and Satish Alekar, that has shaped modern Marathi theatre. This volume brings together six acclaimed plays written by Elkunchwar.
Comparison Between Women & Men Tarabai S (Gender Studies)
O'Hanlon (Author)
This text, originally published in Marathi in 1882, is a pioneering piece of feminist writing, translated into English by Rosalind O'Hanlon, who also provides a substantial interpretive essay, explaining the historical context and social significance of this extraordinary work.
The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Marathi Edition)
Daniel Defoe (Author)
The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.
The Last Days of Sardar Patel and the Mime Players
Vijay Tendulkar (Author)
the Last Days is a filmscript for Ketan Mehta's film, Sardar. Slightly revised from original version. Mime Players is on violence, evil and exploitation set in the villages of rural Bengal.
The Hindi-Bindi Club
Monica Pradhan (Author)
For decades they have remained close, sharing treasured recipes, honored customs, and the challenges of women shaped by ancient ways yet living modern lives. They are the Hindi-Bindi Club, a nickname given by their American daughters to the mothers who left India to start anew—daughters now grown and facing struggles of their own.
On the Threshold: Songs of Chokhamela
Rohini Mokashi-Punekar (Translator)
An untouchable in fourteenth century western India, Chokhamela was cast out of temples because of his status. But his poetry captures this waiting, on the threshold of Hindu temple, without anger, without self-pity.
The Tiny World of Vinod Saney
Ninad Jog (Author)
This book chronicles the exploits of a boy named Vinod, and paints a vivid picture of life in his community in early 1970s Pune, India.
A Short History of Marathi Literature
M. K Nadkarni (Author)
Tuzyaachsaathee (Marathi Edition)
Mukund Karnik (Author)
Marathi poems composed by Mukund Karnik. These poems first appeared in Mayboli - marathi website. Readers liked them very much and showered heaps of praises on them. Such spontaneous responses encouraged the poet to compile those poems in this book.
Banutaai And Buntybaba (Marathi Edition)
Mukund Karnik (Author)
"Banutaai And Buntybaba" is a collection of Marathi Poems by Mukund Karnik. These poems first appeared on the popular Marathi website 'Mayboli'. Readers liked them enormously and requested the poet to compile them in a book form so that they can buy and preserve for their children, grand children to enjoy.
Collected Plays in Translation
Vijay Tendulkar (Author)
This book is a collection of plays by one of India's most respected playwrights, and offers for the first time his best-known plays published previously by OUP, together in a single volume.
Deccan Nursery Tales: or, Fairy Tales from the South
C. A. Kincaid (Author)
Collection of Southern Indian fairy tales that appeared in the Times of India newspaper and were subsequently translated from the original Marathi and then published in 1914.
All About Marathi Cinema
Dana Rasmussen (Author)
Marathi Cinema is the oldest of the Indian film genres. It began as silent films and with the advent of the production film company, Prabhat Film Company, Marathi Films evolved into the world of talkies. The Golden Age of Marathi Cinema was full of prominent people like V. Shantaram, Bhalji Pendharkar, Raja Paranjape, and many more. The 1980s were also important to Marathi Cinema with hits like, "Pachhadlela." With the physical location of Marathi Cinema being so close to the heart of Bollywood, Marathi declined. It recently had an upswing in popularity with the hit film, "Harishchandrachi." Read more about Marathi Cinema inside.
Filming the Gods: Religion and Indian Cinema
Rachel Dwyer (Author)
Filming the Gods examines the role and depiction of religion in Indian cinema, showing that the relationship between the modern and the traditional in contemporary India is not exotic, but part of everyday life. Concentrating mainly on the Hindi cinema of Mumbai, Bollywood, it also discusses India's other cinemas.
Beyond Curry: Quick and Easy Indian Cooking Featuring Cuisine from Maharashtra State
Hemalata Dandekar (Author)
Publisher: Center for South Asian Studies, The Univ (August 1, 1999)


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