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Satara City Related
Story of Satara
Baman Das Basu (Author)
PREFACE: "It is easy for Englishmen to boast magniloquently that the sun never sets on the dominions of Her Majesty; it is easy for them to turn to the East and point complacently as the Directors are in the habit of doing to their magnificent Empire in lndia. But Englishmen, whatever they may think, are not the whole world; there are nations of civilized men besides them. and upright men of those many nations who are not Englishmen. will ask. in reply to this boast. how much more of that magnificent Empire has been acquired by the same means as Satara ?" So wrote Rungo Bapoojee in his letter dated July Z6, I852 to the Right Hon. J. C. Herries, M. P., President of the Board of Control, East lndia Company. The British connection with Satara from the time that Elphinstone intrigued with its Raia when the British went to war with Baji Rao, the last Peishwa, down to its annexation, teems with incidents which would furnish materials for a gifted novelist like Scott or a dramatist like Shakespeare for historical works of art.
The Parallel Government of Satara: A Phase of the Quit India Movement
A. B Shinde (Author)
On local resistance to the British, independence movement, and local politics. a Unique study of mass movements, and guerilla warfare. Scholarly, with many tables and much data.
A second exposure of the Hindu religion: in reply to Narayana Rao of Satara, including strictures on the Vedanta
John Wilson (Author)
This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections
The Satara Raj, 1818-1848 A Study in History, Administration and Culture
Sumitra Kulkarni (Author)
The establishment of the British Rule in Maharashtra in 1818 was an event of cataclysmic proportions. Politically it spelled the end of the Maratha supremacy in India, socio-culturally it signified the end of the old order of things in Maharashtra, where new order was yet to strike roots.
Livelihood among Pastoral Nomads: Continuity and Change: a study of Shepherds in Satara District
Dada Rajaram Dadas (Author)
This research reveals the issues related to Continuity and change in traditional livelihood system among pastoral nomads called ‘Shepherd –Dhangar’ in the Semi-arid zone of the Western Maharashtra, India.


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