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  1. What is the motivation behind ?
  2. What are the kind of books available ?
  3. What is phonetics transliteration ?
  4. How do I search for a book ?
  5. How do I buy books at ?
  6. I clicked on "Add to Shopping Cart" button. But, the shopping cart is still empty.
  7. Is it safe to provide credit card information on Internet ?
  8. I have forgotten my password. Can you send me a reminder ?
  9. Are there any extra charges for shipping and handling ?
  10. What is next after I place my order ? When will I receive my shipment ?
  11. Many pages on your site are unreadable. What am I missing ?

  • What is the motivation behind ? is the world's first online store for selling Marathi books exclusively, serving primarily Marathi Rasiks spread out all over the world outside India. Everyone is aware of the boom in electronic commerce and how easy it has made shopping for customers. Numerous times we wish sitting in an alien country, if we could have access to literature of our home. is the first serious and professional attempt to bridge that gap. We at aim to keep you abreast with the very latest literature as well as the old classics you grew up with but no longer have access to it.

  • What are the kind of books available ?

    Currently, we have books in Marathi language. We have thousands of books in our database. Even if a book is not in our database, you can simply inform us about marathi book and author information. If the book is in print and available, we will add it to our database and inform you. Please note that the availability of Marathi books is quite dynamic. We do not carry any inventory and depend on Market availability of the titles in our database. if you are placing your order for a specific book (and are adding other books to the shipping cart to meet our minimum $ amout requirement), please place your order and then alert us ASAP ( as such. Then we can make sure that the specific title is available before filling the full order and shipping it. Please rest assured that your money will be fully refunded. We also feature selected English books related to India or by Indian authors. This is in association with

  • What is phonetics transliteration ?

    Phonetic Transliteration is a method of using English alphabet for writing in non-English languages.The choice of alphabets have been made such that it is a very easy to remember and write phonetics. Click here to learn more about phonetics.

  • How do I search for a book ?

    You will use phonetics to write the name of a book or author to search in our database. Follow the links to search for marathi books.

  • How do I buy books at ?

    Everyone is now familiar with the process involved in online purchase. follows the same steps - select titles you would like to purchase, add them to "shopping cart", make payment while checking out your purchase etc. Please note that prices are ONLY in US$ and payments are only accepted via PayPal. No prices in INR are available. Shipping cost is displayed in Shopping Cart by selcting your country. Normal shipment mode is via Registered Parcel. Express shipment via SpeedPost is offered at additional cost as an option. Please go to this page for details of shopping steps. Please note that we require a minimum purchase of $20. Orders placed at are non-cancellable (except as noted in above section on "What are the kind of books available"). Please also note that availability of books is checked ONLY AFTER an order is received. So place your order first ... if a book is unavailable, refund is promptly posted.

  • I clicked on "Add to Shopping Cart" button. But, the shopping cart is still empty.

    We use cookies to store the shopping cart. Cookie is a small piece of information which is recorded on your disk. Click here to know more about cookies and how we use it.

  • Is it safe to provide credit card information on Internet ?

    We use PayPal for processing all credit card related activities. You enter all your information on PayPal secure server. Click here to know more about the various technologies used.

  • Are there any extra charges for shipping and handling ?

    All book prices shown clearly in US$ on our website. Cost of shipping via Registered Parcel mode is shown after you add books to shopping cart. Additional charges will apply for faster "Express" shipping. Click here for more information on shipping options.
    Also please note that is a service primarily for Marathi Rasiks residing outside India who do not have ready access to bookshops for Marathi books. Hence the pricing in US$ - we do not have prices in INR. If you have any questions on this policy, please feel free to contact us.

  • What is next after I place my order ? When will I receive my shipment ?

    After payment process is successfully completed, you will soon receive "Order Conformation" email from us. Please verify to make sure that address (and contact ph# if any) is correct. Usually it takes a few days to fill the order. It may take a bit longer if some books in your order are "hard to find" or OutOfPrint. We go to great length to locate books in your order by contacting many bookshops and the publisher of the book if needed.

    Depending on # of items in the order, shipment may be made in one or more packages. "Standard" shipment is via Air-Mail, Registered-Parcel (takes ~2 weeks in transit) and "Express" shipment is via EMS SpeedPost for small package or FedEx for large package (takes 5-7 days in transit). You will receive an email from us alerting you regarding the shipment with a tracking# which can be used at Parcel-post and SpeedPost shipment tracking and entering it in [Consignment Number] box for standard/express shipment mode. If our email says that it was shipped via FedEx then please use FedEx of each country for tracking the package. Please note that IndiaPost tracking of Parcel-Post packages is quite reliable until the package leaves IndiaPost Mumbai facility. Progress then can be tracked via website of the postal service of each country - USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Track-Trace may also work for all countries.

    PLEASE NOTE THAT STATUS INFO YOU WILL GET FROM THESE WEBSITES IS ALL WE HAVE, so any inquiry from you for status update will result in an email from us directing you to this FAQ info. Please also note that any delays in transit are BEYOND OUR CONTROL. It has been noticed that delays occur during Diwali season in India as well as when Customs Dept. of each country randomly impounds some shipments for "security checks" when high security alerts are ON in that country.

  • Many pages on your site are unreadable. What am I missing ?

    Much of our site uses Unicode font to display Marathi characters. Most web browsers display Unicode font and do not need any special configuration on user's part. In case of any problems, please download Shusha fonts and install them on your system.

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