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Frequently Asked General Questions

1. Why a library service for Marathi books and magazines?

We, as Maharashtrians living abroad, feel deprived of simple pleasures like reading Marathi books and magazines and enjoying Marathi movies/dramas. We conducted a survey in September - October 2001 on our website and asked fellow Maharastrians if they felt the same. our survey was titled 'In Search of Marathi Entertainment Mediums'. From the overwhelming response to our survey, it was clear to us that there are quite a few Maharastrians who would love to stay in touch with Marathi through books and magazines.

Library concept is a well-accepted and well-understood concept in Maharashtra, and in India, in general; it compliments individual book purchases quite well. We felt that we could extend the same library concept for books and magazines to Maharashtrians living abroad by using high-tech, proven, business2commerce, secured-transaction internet approach. Rather than you going to the library, the library will deliver your choices of books and magazines to you.

2. Why should I join the library?

We feel that our library service will offer you a convenient way to access a wide variety of Marathi books and magazines for entertainment and recreation. We are extending to you the same efficient, courteous, friendly and proven service that customers have expected and experienced from the Rasik.com team.

3. How does your library system for books and magazines work?

As a Rasik.com library member, you will receive books and magazines (Titles) as per your membership plan (Plan) delivered to you at your mailing address (which you specify at the time of signing up as a library member or the address you maintain as the current address in your on-line library account at Rasik.com). Each Shipment comprises of Titles (# of Shipments as provided in your Plan) from your Selection List. You return each Shipment in the same box it was sent using the included pre-paid label.

In the library section on our website, we maintain a growing list of Titles available to our library members. Browse through the listing and add Titles to your Selection List, which you would like to read from the library when available. You can assign priority to each Title in your Selection List. We will use the Selection List to send you your next available selections based on your priority and availability. When we send you a Shipment, the shipped titles will be automatically removed from your selection list. We also maintain shipping status and history in your account, which will allow you to easily track Titles you have enjoyed so far.

From time to time, we may send Rasik.com newsletter and/or other promotional announcements/information (e.g. special offer announcements) that we believe will be of interest to our library members.

4. How can I tell if a Title is in stock and how soon it will be sent to me?

We provide inventory information for each Title to help you manage your Selection List. As inventory status fluctuates from time to time, please use this information only as an approximation. If the title is in your selection list then the availability also changes based on your priority.

Available Now: We have copies of this title available for immediate shipment.

Short Wait: One month or less. Although we don't have enough copies of this title to meet current demand, the waiting list is short, and we're moving through the list rapidly. We should have enough copies in the near future to fill your request.

Long Wait: One to three months. There's considerably more demand than available copies for this title, and the waiting list is long. It's unlikely that we'll be able to process your request for this Title in the near future.

Very Long Wait: More than 3 months. For this title, there is extremely high demand, limited availability and/or a very long wait. The wait is generally more than 3 months, but could be considerably longer. We strongly suggest making an alternative selection; otherwise, you may have to wait for a very long time. We watch this category very carefully and attempt to reduce the wait by adding more copies of the Title, if available in the market.

5. How long will it take to get my Shipment?

All library Shipments (mailing and receiving of Shipments) are handled from San Jose, California, USA.

When you become a library member, the first Shipment will be mailed to you in one week from the date you join the library. We will send you other Shipments after checking available Shipment credits in your account and receiving the outstanding Shipment in your account. For more information please check our membership terms and conditions page.

When you have an open slot, we send you a Shipment from next available Titles from your Selection List. Shipments are mailed by USPS Priority Mail. As per USPS, Priority Mail typically takes 2-3 business days but sometime may take longer e.g. during holiday times.

6. Why are some Titles marked Not Available in the list?

Despite the size and diversity of our selection and inventory, we occasionally find that demand for certain Titles exceeds our best estimates. This is especially true of new / promoted Titles, out-of-print Titles and Titles for which we experience heavier-than-usual wear-and-tear. As soon as inventory conditions permit, we make these Titles available again. We would like to encourage you to visit the library website often and check Titles for availability. We also recommend that you add other available Titles to your Selection List and maintain at least 15 Titles at any given time.

Note: Customers, who already have a high-demand Titles in their Selection List and decide to remove it, may find that inventory restrictions could prevent that popular Title from being added back into their Selection List.

7. How do I report a shipping problem?

If you have any problems with a Shipment, such as delayed arrival or incorrect shipments, please send us an email at library@rasik.com.

8. Can you tell me about Rasik.com's membership plans?

See the Membership Terms page for the most current pricing information.

9. How do I cancel my membership?

See the Membership Terms page for more information regarding cancellation policy.

10. Why is a deposit required for becoming a member?

The deposit has been added because some members upon cancellation have not returned shipments resulting in loss of some hard to find books and inconvenience caused to other library members.
This deposit is a token amount. Our actual exposure to replacement expenses is much higher. Some books lost books were out of print and will never be reprinted in foreseeable future - that loss is irrepairable.

11. How can I change my personal information in the account (address, credit card number, etc.)?

Please log in to your library account at http://www.rasik.com/library/login.asp. You can access personal information in your account by clicking on Personal Information button. The available menus will allow you to navigate / update necessary information in the account.

13. Occasionally, I receive Shipment comprising of lower-priority Titles from my Selection List. Why?

When you return a Shipment or have an open slot in your Selection List, we make every effort to ship your first Titles in your Selection List (# of Shipments as per your membership plan). To help you get the most out of your membership, if an Title in a higher priority is out of stock, we'll send your next available Title in stock in that Shipment. This is our attempt of helping library members maximize their membership benefits.

14. I might like a book or a magazine so much that I might want to buy it. Can I do that?

If you are interested in ordering a personal copy of a book or a magazine that you have read as a library member or come across new books that you may wish to buy, you can do so at our parent website http://www.rasik.com.

15. How do I renew my membership ?

Your membership is automatically renewed on the day your current membership ends. It is renewed on the plan as selected by you in the "Change Membership Plan Selection" option of your account. You will receive email reminder about the renewal from us 2 weeks before the renewal date. You can cancel your membership anytime before the renewal date by sending email to library@rasik.com .

16. If I cancel my membership, what are outstanding dues ?

Outstanding dues exist if after cancelling the membership, you do not return the shipments back to us.

17. How long can I keep a shipment ?

Each shipment has to be returned to Rasik.com library within 90 days of receipt. A late return fee of $5/week, $15/month will be applied to the account.

18. How many books/magazines are sent per shipment ?

Each shipment consists of 18 "points" worth of books/magazines. Most books/magazines have 1 point. You can find out the point value of all books/magazines on our website.

19. Are there fines if I am not done with books in specified time?

 Each shipment has to be returned to Rasik.com library within 90 days of receipt. A late return fee of $5/week, $15/month will be applied to the account.

20. Does your prepaid envelope for shipment (for returning read books) have an option of sending by certified mail?

The shipment is sent to you via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. The prepaid envelope also has delivery confirmation included in it. The confirmation# can be tracked on USPS website.

21. Do I have to go to the post office to return the shipment ?

Please drop the shipment in any USPS drop box. It is not required to go to USPS counter. If you give it at the USPS counter and they try to charge for shipment citing that the date is not today's date, please inform them that this shipment is reply paid and is approved as per November 1, 2001 Postal Bulletin Section 10.4.
Send only those items which came with the shipment. If you have multiple shipments, please do not mix the shipments.

21. I have lost a book from the shipment. What should I do?

Please send email to library@rasik.com with details of the book. You can either buy a new copy of that book and mail it to us or we can buy the book and deduct from your deposit the replacement cost.

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