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Membership Terms & Plans
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Membership Terms

Membership Basics

As a Rasik.Com library member, you will receive books and magazines (Titles) as per your membership plan (Plan) ? delivered to you at your mailing address (which you specify at the time of signing up as a library member or the address you maintain as the current address in your on-line library account at Rasik.Com). We will send Shipments to you every 3 months, each Shipment comprising of 18 points and shipped to you in a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box. You will return your Shipment back in the same box by affixing the pre-paid postage label that comes with the Shipment.

In the library section on our website, we maintain a growing list of Titles available to our library members. Browse through the listing and add Titles to your Selection List, which you would like to read from the library when available. You can assign priority to each Title in your Selection List. We will use the Selection List to send you next shipment comprising of items based on your priority and availability. When we send you a Shipment, all the titles in the shipment will be automatically removed from your selection list. we will also maintain Shipment status and history in your account, which will allow you to easily track Titles you have enjoyed so far. 

We strongly advise that members add as many titles as possible to their selection list, instead of limiting the list with just enough points for the next shipment and then leaving the list empty until the next shipment time. A long selection list gives us a information on which books you would like to read in the future and gives us time to see if more copies need to added to our inventory. We will also appreciate if the members can email, from time to time, list of new books they would like us to add to the library."

We appreciate your cooperation in proper handling and return of each Shipment in the same box by affixing the pre-paid postage label that comes with the Shipment.

Membership Plans

Items / Plan Type

vArshika Plan

ardhavArshika Plan







Duration from day you become member (Membership Term)

12 Months

6 Months

What do you get?

4 Shipments (72 points**);
Each shipment of 18 points equivalent Items; Includes
postage charges of all 4 shipments (8 times to&fro via priority mail, signature confirmation option) is ~$100;
2 Shipments (36 points**);
Each shipment of 18 points equivalent Items; Includes
postage charges of all 2 shipments (4 times to&fro via priority mail, signature confirmation option) is ~$50;

** Each item in the library has points associated with it which are displayed along with other information about the item. Most of the books and magazines in the library have 1 point.

Membership Policy

  • First Shipment will be sent to you in one week after your joining date.
  • Shipment is sent via USPS Priority Mail. Shipment will be returned using the included prepaid USPS Priority Mail label.
  • Each shipment must be returned to Rasik.com Library within 90 days of receipt of shipment. A late return fee of $5/week, $15/month will be applied to the account.
  • Subsequent Shipment is sent after the earlier shipment has been returned and received by Rasik.com Library.
  • Each Shipment will be based on your Selection List containing Items of your interest.
  • All Shipment credits must be used in the Membership Term. No carry-overs or re-imbursements for unused Shipment credits are allowed.
  • This deposit is refunded in full, when membership is cancelled and all shipments have been returned. (Why is this required?)
  • From time to time, at its discretion, Rasik.Com may extend Special Offers to library members. Rasik.Com reserves all rights to revise such offers without any notice.
  • Rasik.Com reserves the right to terminate any library membership for any reason, without further notice, including, but not limited to, if more than one lost Shipment reported by a library member in the Membership Term and will take necessary action.
  • Library memberships, which are due to expire in a week, will be automatically renewed as per the current plan term, provided membership is not cancelled in the last month of the current term and all outstanding dues are settled (such as Shipment returns, outstanding account balances, etc.)


Membership Termination

1. You may cancel your membership anytime by sending us email at library@rasik.com.

2.  Canceled account will be closed only after receiving all outstanding dues (including but not limited to outstanding Shipments and remaining fees, etc.) from that account.

3.  Refunds will be given for unused membership portion, after deducting $10.00 cancellation fees, as follows:

      ( ( (# of unused Shipment credits) / (# of total Shipment credits of the membership Plan) ) * Plan Price ) - ($10.00)

      e.g. a ardhavArshika Plan member requests cancellation after one shipment will get a refund of (1 / 2) * $98 - $10 = $39.00.

4.  If we do not receive all the outstanding Shipments within 2-weeks of membership termination date, we will hold appropriate Shipment costs from your refund, if a refund is due to you, or charge them to your credit card and then close the account.

If you have further questions, please contact us at library@rasik.com

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